Collect 5 points for every €1 spend at the B.R. Hub.
Exchange collected points at any one of your subsequent visits at the B.R. Hub for €1 for every 100 points..

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Terms and Conditions

  • This card is the property of B.R. Hub and its usage acknowledges acceptance of the general terms of B.R. Hub.
  • B.R. Hub is not liable in case of loss or misuse by the card holder
  • B.R. Hub reserves the right to withdraw the card in any case of misuse
  • This is not a credit card and cannot be used for payments. It can be used only as a Bonus Card
  • B.R. Hub reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions or even to cancel part of the Bonus Card scheme or all of it, at any time
  • B.R. Hub is not responsible for any mistakes or omissions
  • For full details of the terms and conditions, please see the relevant literature available in B.R. Hub premises and on our website
  • B.R. Hub is entitled to use the above information for distribution of internal marketing material
  • B.R. Hub will not make this information available to third parties

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